SPO Electronic Proposal Drop Box

Please use this service for securely uploading electronic proposals instead of sending them as email attachments. The secure connection will ensure encrypted transmission of your proposal over the network.

Please see the special instructions for proposals to the National Science Foundation through FastLane and to the National Institutes of Health for grants. All other electronic proposals must be submitted to SPO in electronic form along with a paper copy of the proposal that includes a signed Proposal Review Form and other required documents. All proposals must be submitted at least five working days before the agency deadline.

NSF Proposals: NSF FastLane proposals are reviewed by SPO in the FastLane system. Please review the directions for submitting NSF FastLane proposals.

NIH Grant Proposals: Please review the directions for submitting NIH grant proposals. The process for submitting an NIH grant proposal electronically to SPO has two steps that must happen concurrently for the proposal to be processed by SPO:

  1. Submit the NIH Grants.gov application to the SPO Electronic Drop Box.
  2. Submit the following items as one PDF document to spoeproposal@berkeley.edu.
    1. Completed and signed Proposal Review Form (PRF)
    2. Letters of support from any named consultants and/or collaborators (not already included in proposal)
    3. Completed and signed federal conflict of interest disclosure forms
    4. Any other required documents as needed, e.g., letters confirming cost sharing commitments, sub-recipient commitment forms, etc.

PIs and Departments are reminded that even minor errors can cause an electronic proposal submitted through Grants.gov to be rejected, and proposals submitted to SPO less than five working days before the deadline risk submission failure.

Please note: When submitting a proposal with a draft technical section (an option under the VCR's late proposal policy), please indicate this on the Proposal Review Form, and make sure that the administrative section in the final version of the proposal does not differ from the administrative section SPO has already reviewed in the draft version, otherwise new errors may not be identified. PIs also will need to follow the SPO RA's guidance on when to submit the final version of the proposal to SPO to ensure that the final proposal will be submitted on time.

Using the SPO Drop Box

First, log in to this secure site using your CalNet ID. Next, use the drop-down menu to choose the SPO staff member you are working with. Then, use the selection box to browse and upload your file. To help identify your proposal, please include the PI's last name, the agency or acronym, and the SPO proposal number (if known) in the filename.

example: Smith_NIH_20071234.pdf

The system will automatically send email to the SPO staff member with your name (from your CalNet ID) included. SPO staff will then log in to the system and retrieve your proposal.

If you need to revise your document, you will need to upload a complete new file to the Drop Box; files already in the Drop Box cannot be edited.